Over the last decade we have gained significant experience in the wider resources arena, in many different countries.  Some of this experience has helped authors, musicians and ministries reach the nations of the world.


Our biggest growth area over the last few years has been, and will likely continue to be, helping people and groups reach the world via one relationship, especially when combined with our ability to manufacture resources “in country” to save significant shipping costs for everyone.

Global Channels can handle international mail order processing;  produce teaching material under licence;  warehouse product between ministry trips and supply churches and conferences with product for visits;   we can printing manuals and books “in country” to save international shipping costs; and handle wholesale distribution of product to churches, conferences, seminars, etc. at discounted rates for volume purchases.

After years of working around the work, we also understand markets, for example, DVD teaching sells well in South Africa, but in the United Kingdom people prefer CD teaching.  In Singapore not only is English the primary language for all students from primary through university, but the people love training courses so mature a subject, rather than a conference format.

And the best part… we work the way the author or ministry needs us to. We do not need you to work our way.  We can do as much or as little as you need us to, and we are happy to let a relationship grow from one service or country to covering the world for you.


Duplication & Reprints

With the growth in international distribution came the need to save shipping costs and to be able to duplicate and print in whichever country or region we needed to.

Today we have the ability to manufacture CD and DVD and mp3 discs/flash drives for teaching resources.  We have a growing list of printers we use around the world to reprint books and study manuals locally to save shipping costs.

For both of these services we use the same artwork files that are used in the home country, so the design and quality is exactly the same, or higher, when we produce the resources.  Someone getting a product via us should not now where it came from by looking at it.

For every item we manufacture we pay an agreed royalty, on a quarterly basis, once that resource has been sold.


Conference Resources

Almost from the very start we have provided resources at conferences and summer camps, from training schools to night meetings.  We have handled the resources at events with less than a hundred people up to many thousands.

It is not often we do one-night meetings now the focus is in supporting ministries and authors, but we still handle resource at a few key events and from time to time travel the world with speakers handling their resources on a ministry trip.



After many people asking us each year if we published books we finally said “yes” to our accountant!  That was in 2008 and since then we have not looked back, handling the publishing of books in Australia, South Africa and Europe.  We set up Freedom Publishing as a separate company and you can find out more about them at

A few years ago people started asking us if we could them release their music in CD format.  This opened up a new service for musicians and so far we have done 4 albums, as well as producing albums under licence as international versions.


Airfreight & Importation

With us sending so many shipments around the world to our offices, we can offer ministries help in saving money on their airfreight costs whether it’s a few boxes of resources or a few pallets.  We can help both the sender and the receiver work through the import requirements for each nation, often saving them significant amounts of money, especially if sending to a registered charity/non-profit organization.