Welcome to the Global Channels new website, corporate logo and ever expanding business around the world.


Global Channels began in 2002 importing Christian resources not readily available in Europe. From selling in one church, we quickly grew because there was only one other ministry in the United Kingdom doing similar work.

Our focus has consistently been working with international ministries and authors to help them access and serve Europe and other nations of the world. We started hosting conferences for the speakers and authors in the UK and built the resource sales through these and by reputation.

We are very much a niche distribution and retail company, focused mainly on the “river” church movement that came out of Toronto in 1994 and today includes the Bethel and Global Legacy churches around the world.

Global Channels is a tent making “for profit” business allowing ministry to take place around the world, especially into Asia.



Our vision is based on the simple principle of serving the authors and ministries to reach the nations of the world, through our regional distribution centers, so we can providing people with resources at a reasonable price, so they do not have to pay large shipping costs or wait a long time for them to arrive

For the authors and ministries, we do this by a variety of means, such as handling their mail order;  produce their teaching resources under licence;  warehousing product for them between ministry trips and supplying churches and conferences with product for their visits;  printing manuals and books “in country” to save international shipping costs;  wholesale distribution of their product to churches, conferences, seminars at discounted rates for volume purchases.

If you are a ministry that would like our help, then email us at:  central@global-channels.net  We are known for our flexible way of working, adapting to our clients needs.



Having started with just one office in West London, we currently have 5 bases around the world.  Each one covers a region of the world, they allow people to pay in local currencies, and can send out orders for that area.  The authors and ministries link to these regional web-stores to for their products.

We also personally attend conferences and summer camps providing an end-to-end resource service for the host ministry or church, often needing to rebate a percentage of the total sales to the host.



Over the years we have expanded into book publishing, manufacturing CD and DVD teaching sets, producing music albums, and warehousing stock for ministries.  More details of these other services can be found on the Media and Services page